Grace & Lace Blanket Scarf/Pinned Poncho (Terracotta)


Grace & Lace up'd their game again this year with the strong blanket scarf trend. This beauty features a reversible double-sided Fall-ish color pallet. Cooler shades of strong crisp orange, blue, espresso, mustard on one side, and warmer fall tones with rusts/terracotta, denim on the other (you choose which side you like the most!). Wear this as the oversized blanket scarf to the pumpkin patch, pin it up like a poncho cuddled around a campfire with s'mores, or toss it over fallen leaves for a picnic before the snow arrives. Its equal parts cozy, comfy, chic AND versatile.

FIT: One size. 50 in. x 55 in.

FIBER: 100% Acrylic

CARE: Hand wash, cold. Can be fluffed on air dry in a dryer.

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