Grace & Lace Lace Ombre Leg Warmers

Color: Mint Ombre

Step into one of the year's hottest fashion trends - leg warmers + ombre.  These ultra soft leg warmers feature our "climbing vine" open-weave pattern.  They are hand dip-dyed in the perfect shades of minty-emerald green.  Wearable over flats or heels, lounging around the house, or peeking out of the tops of tall boots or booties. Dancers - you will love them too. As with all our items - they'll make a fantastic gift.

<> PLEASE NOTE: Due to the dip-dyed nature, no two pairs are exactly the same. There may be differences in depth of dye color and location per piece.

Slight irregularities and variations in weave, color, and size are characteristic of materials and should not be considered to be defective.

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