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Pearl Swirl Lip Gloss

#1 Flutter
#2 Radiant
#3 Glimmer
#4 Flicker
#5 Splendor
#6 Dazzle
The easiest part of having a happy, healthy smile is nourishing your lips! They need hydration and a little bit of love! Shine and some color will definitely do the trick. This gloss comes in a perfectly small container, and mixes two fabulous colors to create a natural looking finish. And you'll just love the smell!

Lip Gloss Infused With Shea Butter
High Shine
Not Sticky + Tacky Feeling
Mixture Of Colors

Lip Gloss #1: Flutter - Coral & Peach Swirl
Lip Gloss #2: Radiant - Blush & White Swirl
Lip Gloss #3: Glimmer - Pink & Peach Swirl
Lip Gloss #4: Flicker - Bright Pink & White Swirl
Lip Gloss #5: Splendor - Red & Purple Swirl
Lip Gloss #6: Dazzle - Blush & Lavender Swirl