Spring 2022 Trends

Need a pick me up to get through this cold and gloomy January?  We cannot wait for Spring and we know you feel the same!  It will be anything but boring with bold colors and patterns, daring silhouettes, and comebacks from the past.  Here is a look at what will be in for Spring 2022.

1. Micro/Mini Skirts

As the weather warms up, we will be seeing shorter hemlines in the form of Micro and Mini Skirts.  

Playful Animal Mini Skirt by Babe Outfitters

2. Bold & Bright Colors

This spring we will be seeing a theme of optimism characterized by bold bright colors.  Mood lifting hues in all the colors of the rainbow will be on all the runways. 

3. Maxi Everything

Maxi's are back in.  2021 was the year of midi dresses and midi skirts.  But now it's the maxi skirts' and maxi dresses' time to shine.  

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